Spookytoberfest 2015, Part Deux: Return of the Dead Guy

Written by  on October 6, 2015 

This past weekend I primed the minis I would be painting for Spookytoberfest. My bottom feed airbrush didn’t seem to want to keep pulling the Stynylrez primer through so I switched to a gravity feed airbrush which worked fine.

Of course, when closing the primer top it splashed droplets of black primer all over my face. If this would have only happened a few days earlier I could have submitted it to Models Workshop:  for their injuries and funny stories podcast.

I also primed some other miniatures for Lady MacDeth. We both entered a miniature painting competition (or two) and we ended up picking a few Hordes miniatures to paint. I’ll discuss those in another blog post later today or tomorrow.

I started base-coating Darkrasp on Sunday. I finished up most of the base-coats today. I’m painting him as a priest of Nerull from Greyhawk. Their raiments apparently are often rust red so I figured I’d go with that.


I first used my wet palette at my last painting competition. I put the paint in it on Sunday and it was still wet Tuesday when I sat down to paint again. I’m sure I’ll improve my wet palette technique as time goes on.


Spookytoberfest2015 Question of the Week: What is the best Halloween memory that you have? Could be from last year or from decades past, could be good, bad, ugly, whichever you like most.

Answer: I think a few years ago when I dressed up as the Phantom of the Opera. The makeup was just awesome. I absolutely love horror stuff!!!

P.S. I also got a shout-out on the Warboss Tae video!

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  1. Lady MacDeth says:

    When I was a manatee for Halloween and everyone told my brother how cute he was as a Christmas tree. . . And told me I had a nice costume too. Apparently people in Chicago don’t know what manatees are.

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