Spookytoberfest, Part 4

Written by  on October 15, 2015

I have a feeling I’m finished with Darkrasp minus some basing. Or I might apply some more washes to him. I’m not terribly happy with him but I’m not disappointed really either.

20151010_130042 20151010_130104

The Crypt Wraith is coming along. I did some washes last night. I need to finish painting his cloak and the front of his shield. And check out that snazzy freehand on the shield! Dang, there is a lot of white cloak… that might warrant some freehand on the cloak.

20151015_152325 20151015_152338

Oh, Judas Bloodspire… I’m just not sure what I want to do with you.

20151011_135310 20151011_135324

So, that is where I’m at. Still two weeks to go so I should be fine even with my other projects.

Spookytoberfest2015 Question of the Week: “Congratulations! You’ve been chosen by lottery to be the new President/Prime Minister/King/Queen/Big Cheese of your country, but in a hilarious turn of events, your second in command has been implicated as the head of a group of criminals who produce shoddy knock offs of expensive miniatures, and he goes to jail. Replacing him is a monster/villain/entity from literature, film, or television.” Who is it, and how will s/he help you get your country back on track? If there are more than one iterations of your character, for example The Terminator, choose which version you’re going with!

Answer: Our Dark Lord, Cthulhu, of course! He will work tirelessly to drive everyone insane so that we won’t even know the country is off the tracks.

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Contest Update, Now with More Base Coats!

Written by  on October 15, 2015

I worked on my Skaven Grey Seer yesterday for the Emerald City painting contest. I really like this miniature.

20151010_130131 20151010_130143

20151014_150912 20151014_150921

20151014_202350 20151014_202406

Once again, I really should have sub-assembled him. I have to keep touching up bits and pieces.

I also need to buy some cork for basing. Any suggestions from U.S. based readers on where to pick some up?

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