Critical Hit Contest, or Critical Miss!

Written by  on November 4, 2015

I entered Zaal, The Ancestral Advocate from Privateer Press. It is a beautiful miniature but I wasn’t thrilled with my paint job in the end.

Specifically, my shadows and highlights weren’t really on point. I’m actually noticing that with my minis now. Something to address in future paint jobs.

I wanted to do something with the disk behind him but just didn’t pull it off and had to go pretty basic on it the night before it had to be turned in.

I lost to this fellow here.

Lady MacDeth also entered the contest. Her miniature was Lord of the Feast, also from Privateer Press. Another nice looking miniature… I may want to paint one of these in the future.

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Spookytoberfest v 5.0, The Final Chapter

Written by  on November 3, 2015

Wow, there were a lot of minis to paint! Two contests, six commissions, three for Spookytoberfest. I got a little overwhelmed and fell behind on everything else.

So, here is a montage… a training montage!

Darkrasp in all of his evil glory.

20151030_145644 20151030_145700

The Crypt Wraith in all of his re-painted glory. He was also my first use of the <washes>

I made.

Judas Bloodspire didn’t get finished. I just didn’t feel motivated when looking at him. No colors popped out at me.


So, see everyone next October!

Spookytoberfest2015 Question of the Week: What is your favorite dish with pumpkin as one of its main ingredients?

Answer: None, pumpkin is gross. Vile. I actually used to like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that my mom made but I was like 8 years old then.

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