Commission Update

Written by  on October 21, 2015

Here is the finished Reaper 02489: Black Legionnaire that I was sent. I painted the surcoat like the hockey jersey the recipient is wearing in his Facebook photo.

20151019_084620 20151019_084638

20151019_084654 20151019_084709

I’ll be mailing this out as soon as I get a chance to run to the post office.

P.S. Also, this is my quick and dirty photo booth. I should probably get on the final version since this doesn’t quite do the job.

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First “Commission”?

Written by  on October 14, 2015

A member of the Reaper Miniatures’ Facebook group offered up seven miniatures in payment for painting one miniature for him. This was a general offer and he had several he wanted painted and quite a few to give away.

I looked at the pictures of what he was offering and what he wanted painted. Nothing in particular jumped out at me. I told him to pick my seven and his one at random and I’d gladly paint it for him. Here is what I ended up with:

20151013_203825 20151014_091438 20151013_203925

There are a few Reaper and a few Ral Partha miniatures in there. The oldest date stamp I could read was 1988. Talk about some old school miniatures!

So, this could be my first commission. Does it really count?

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