Critical Hit Contest, or Critical Miss!

Written by  on November 4, 2015

I entered Zaal, The Ancestral Advocate from Privateer Press. It is a beautiful miniature but I wasn’t thrilled with my paint job in the end.

Specifically, my shadows and highlights weren’t really on point. I’m actually noticing that with my minis now. Something to address in future paint jobs.

I wanted to do something with the disk behind him but just didn’t pull it off and had to go pretty basic on it the night before it had to be turned in.

I lost to this fellow here.

Lady MacDeth also entered the contest. Her miniature was Lord of the Feast, also from Privateer Press. Another nice looking miniature… I may want to paint one of these in the future.

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Spookytoberfest v 5.0, The Final Chapter

Written by  on November 3, 2015

Wow, there were a lot of minis to paint! Two contests, six commissions, three for Spookytoberfest. I got a little overwhelmed and fell behind on everything else.

So, here is a montage… a training montage!

Darkrasp in all of his evil glory.

20151030_145644 20151030_145700

The Crypt Wraith in all of his re-painted glory. He was also my first use of the <washes>

I made.

Judas Bloodspire didn’t get finished. I just didn’t feel motivated when looking at him. No colors popped out at me.


So, see everyone next October!

Spookytoberfest2015 Question of the Week: What is your favorite dish with pumpkin as one of its main ingredients?

Answer: None, pumpkin is gross. Vile. I actually used to like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that my mom made but I was like 8 years old then.

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Commission Update

Written by  on October 21, 2015

Here is the finished Reaper 02489: Black Legionnaire that I was sent. I painted the surcoat like the hockey jersey the recipient is wearing in his Facebook photo.

20151019_084620 20151019_084638

20151019_084654 20151019_084709

I’ll be mailing this out as soon as I get a chance to run to the post office.

P.S. Also, this is my quick and dirty photo booth. I should probably get on the final version since this doesn’t quite do the job.

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Spookytoberfest, Part 4

Written by  on October 15, 2015

I have a feeling I’m finished with Darkrasp minus some basing. Or I might apply some more washes to him. I’m not terribly happy with him but I’m not disappointed really either.

20151010_130042 20151010_130104

The Crypt Wraith is coming along. I did some washes last night. I need to finish painting his cloak and the front of his shield. And check out that snazzy freehand on the shield! Dang, there is a lot of white cloak… that might warrant some freehand on the cloak.

20151015_152325 20151015_152338

Oh, Judas Bloodspire… I’m just not sure what I want to do with you.

20151011_135310 20151011_135324

So, that is where I’m at. Still two weeks to go so I should be fine even with my other projects.

Spookytoberfest2015 Question of the Week: “Congratulations! You’ve been chosen by lottery to be the new President/Prime Minister/King/Queen/Big Cheese of your country, but in a hilarious turn of events, your second in command has been implicated as the head of a group of criminals who produce shoddy knock offs of expensive miniatures, and he goes to jail. Replacing him is a monster/villain/entity from literature, film, or television.” Who is it, and how will s/he help you get your country back on track? If there are more than one iterations of your character, for example The Terminator, choose which version you’re going with!

Answer: Our Dark Lord, Cthulhu, of course! He will work tirelessly to drive everyone insane so that we won’t even know the country is off the tracks.

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Contest Update, Now with More Base Coats!

Written by  on October 15, 2015

I worked on my Skaven Grey Seer yesterday for the Emerald City painting contest. I really like this miniature.

20151010_130131 20151010_130143

20151014_150912 20151014_150921

20151014_202350 20151014_202406

Once again, I really should have sub-assembled him. I have to keep touching up bits and pieces.

I also need to buy some cork for basing. Any suggestions from U.S. based readers on where to pick some up?

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First “Commission”?

Written by  on October 14, 2015

A member of the Reaper Miniatures’ Facebook group offered up seven miniatures in payment for painting one miniature for him. This was a general offer and he had several he wanted painted and quite a few to give away.

I looked at the pictures of what he was offering and what he wanted painted. Nothing in particular jumped out at me. I told him to pick my seven and his one at random and I’d gladly paint it for him. Here is what I ended up with:

20151013_203825 20151014_091438 20151013_203925

There are a few Reaper and a few Ral Partha miniatures in there. The oldest date stamp I could read was 1988. Talk about some old school miniatures!

So, this could be my first commission. Does it really count?

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Spookytoberfest the III

Written by  on October 11, 2015

I’m juggling painting five different miniatures for various projects but I did get to put some washes on Darkrasp the other day. Then I highlighted him back up to smooth that out.

20151008_160357 20151008_160411


I started laying down basecoats on Judas Bloodspire. That hasn’t went too far…

20151011_135310 20151011_135324

I also basecoated the Crypt Wraith. I’m actually using various colors this time rather than going for black/grey with spooky green eyes and such. I’m actually going to paint him sort of like a Templar… and maybe some freehand on the shield. We will see.

20151010_133638 20151010_133647

I’m still debating on his cloak’s color… white or red? Freehand on the back?

Another day, another contest

Written by  on October 8, 2015

I stopped by Emerald City today to purchase my miniature for their painting contest. It is sponsored by Peachstate Hobby Distribution. I found out about it the day before sign up ended so it was a close one.

Nick tried valiantly to convince me to buy the Skaven Stormfiends. I opted for a Skaven Grey Seer. I’m just not a huge fan of the technology aspect of the Stormfiends. They are awesome looking but maybe for a later date.

Here is the miniature in its package:


Opening it up and examining the sprue:


Clipping it apart:


Assembled and primed:


This guy is a bit tedious to assemble. It is a normal humanoid-sized 25mm figure and it is eight pieces! The right hand is a separate piece. Yes, it has a bad-ass rat standing on it but come on…

I actually attempted to paint on the white Stynylrez and it didn’t seem to go on well so I immediately washed it off and switched to trusty, old Krylon. Now to paint this guy up like the ones from my Island of Blood boxed set.

Spookytoberfest 2015, Part Deux: Return of the Dead Guy

Written by  on October 6, 2015

This past weekend I primed the minis I would be painting for Spookytoberfest. My bottom feed airbrush didn’t seem to want to keep pulling the Stynylrez primer through so I switched to a gravity feed airbrush which worked fine.

Of course, when closing the primer top it splashed droplets of black primer all over my face. If this would have only happened a few days earlier I could have submitted it to Models Workshop:  for their injuries and funny stories podcast.

I also primed some other miniatures for Lady MacDeth. We both entered a miniature painting competition (or two) and we ended up picking a few Hordes miniatures to paint. I’ll discuss those in another blog post later today or tomorrow.

I started base-coating Darkrasp on Sunday. I finished up most of the base-coats today. I’m painting him as a priest of Nerull from Greyhawk. Their raiments apparently are often rust red so I figured I’d go with that.


I first used my wet palette at my last painting competition. I put the paint in it on Sunday and it was still wet Tuesday when I sat down to paint again. I’m sure I’ll improve my wet palette technique as time goes on.


Spookytoberfest2015 Question of the Week: What is the best Halloween memory that you have? Could be from last year or from decades past, could be good, bad, ugly, whichever you like most.

Answer: I think a few years ago when I dressed up as the Phantom of the Opera. The makeup was just awesome. I absolutely love horror stuff!!!

P.S. I also got a shout-out on the Warboss Tae video!

Stripping with Simple Green

Written by  on September 29, 2015

I stopped by a local hardware store yesterday and decided to purchase some Simple Green so I could strip a few models. When I got home I used two dishes that I shouldn’t have used (ask Lady MacDeth) as painting palettes and such. I filled them with Simple Green and dropped in these two guys.


The black/green is a Reaper 2281 Crypt Wraith metal miniature and the gold/white one is a Games Workshop Stormcast Eternals Prosecutor which is plastic. The Crypt Wraith is one of the first miniatures I painted. I liked the green glow but the black didn’t have enough variation. The Prosecutor was painted in three hours with a fairly limited palette and I wasn’t really pleased with some of my color choices (or placing third in the contest). I allowed them to sit overnight. In the morning I took them out, gave them a nice brushing with an old toothbrush, and this is how the wraith looked.


The wraith could probably use another bath to get paint out of the deep crevices that I couldn’t pick out using a paper clip. I should probably remember to pick up some toothpicks…

The dish I used for the GW Prosecutor wasn’t quite deep enough to cover the whole miniature so I had to clean him and give him another bath. I suppose I’ll drop the wraith in with him.

This is after two overnight cycles and using the old toothbrush to clean them up. The metal miniature is easier to scrub since there is a small chance of breakage. The plastic though has a ton of very fine parts that I can’t really clean too roughly so there is still a bit of leftover primer.


Not bad for there being very little actual work involved. Both dishes are looking pretty nice now too.